A Broken Rose Organization Christmas Agenda 2014 Posted December 15, 2014 by Ramona Harris


On behalf of A Broken Rose Organization’s CEO and Board of Directors and Volunteers, we would like to wish every single family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. This year like the years before have been very exciting, we have had the pleasure of networking with other Organizations that have similar values and missions concerning our Communities. Every year seems to get better and better with each act of kindness, hope, encouragement, love, support, and last but not least the strengthening of the Sisterhood among all women from all backgrounds. It has truly been a pleasure of meeting and speaking with so many women at any given time. We are striving to keep moving forward by continually coming up with new ideas and resources to inform women and their children about a variety of things that they can do to live the life they have always dreamed of living. We would like to keep encouraging women and their children in a positive way, so that they can move forward with their endeavors and to always remain a VICTOR and not a VICTIM of any acts of abuse.

Every year around the Christmas holiday, A Broken Rose Organization adopts between 2 to 4 families to make their Christmas very special. We have a very unique selection process that we do to make sure that our Adoptee will benefit from having a life changing event. We want to make sure that our Adoptee will always know that they are thought of and cared for by our Organization. This year we will have the pleasure of visiting some very special Residents at a Nursing Home in Kansas City, Kansas on December 20, 2014. We will make sure that all 110 residents have a very special Christmas by given them tokens of love with gifts and songs. We will also be adopting 2 little girls whom suddenly lost their Father on September 11, 2014. We would like to step in, where he would have been to make their Christmas a very special one. Although, gifts will not erase their pain, we would like to make sure they can be distracted for a little while with brand new toys and clothing under their Christmas tree.

There is a possibility that we will also be adopting one more family for Christmas, simply because one of the parents recently lost their job and the other parent was diagnosed with cancer. So we would like to make sure that we could lend a helping hand to this particular family and make sure that their children have a wonderful Christmas as well.